Welcome to the official 3rd iii website! Here you will be able to explore 3rd iii Photography, connect with other talented groups and individuals, and learn about the 3rd iii movement as a whole. If you would like to see some photos of people wearing the official 3rd iii hats, click the "Photography" tab. Under that same tab, you will also be able to find other photographers. If you click "Galleries" under "photos", you will be able to see highlights of photoshoots by 3rd iii Photography. If you would like to find other talented individuals, click the "People" tab where you will find photos and bio's of everyone. We also have 3rd iii hats available for purchase, you'll find photos of these in the "Products" tab. For exclusive videos shot, edited, or featured by 3rd iii, click the "Videos" tab. If you would like to learn about what the 3rd iii movement is about then click the "What is 3rd iii?" tab.

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